The Refuge

Holistic Healing for Families Impacted

by the Disease of Alcoholism or Addiction

Recover. Rebuild. Restore.


Jamie is an addiction and recovery professional.  She holds five nationally recognized certifications: Recovery Coach (NCRC), Family Recovery Coach (NCFRC), Christian Life Coach (NCCLC), Christian Family Recovery Coach (NCCFRC) and Food Addictions Coach (NCFAC).  She has a BS in Education from McNeese State University and an MA in Christian Leadership with an emphasis in Family Addiction Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary.  She is a writer, blogger, speaker, educator, coach and Christian and Pastoral Care counselor.



“Addiction is a family disease that stresses the family to the breaking point, impacts the stability of the home, the family’s unity, mental health, physical health, finances, and overall family dynamics.”  -  Neil Paul, Author and marriage and addiction professional. 


One of the most disturbing consequences of addiction is its effect on the family structure and individual relationships within the family setting. Restoring harmony and stability in the home, repairing the methods of communication, and returning unity; mentally, emotionally and physically to families is an important part of what we do at The Refuge Center.   

We do this by offering the following services:

The Refuge Center of Houston
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Jamie trusts and believes that:

  • It is common for family members to believe that the only person who needs recovery is the love one suffering from the substance use disorder.                        This is not true!!!  

  • Family members play a critical role in the recovery process.

  • Families can and should become skilled in responding to addiction and its impact on the family system and each individual family member. 

  • Family members deserve to have recovery support of their own as they navigate the minefield of substance use disorder and the devastation that it leaves in its wake.

Family members need and deserve treatment Jamie’s multidimensional methods focus on getting to the primary root of the problems.


Her coaching techniques are client and result driven thus they produce results tailored specifically for the needs of each individual client.                                                                                                                                                   Read More...

The Refuge Center of Houston
The Refuge Center of Houston

Tel: 281-923-6313

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At The Refuge, we believe that addiction is a disease that erases.  It erases relationships, intimacy, trust, finances, and love to name just a few.  We can help regain that which has been lost to you and your family and empower you to begin rewriting your story; your family’s story. Healing and restoration for the family and its individual members is paramount for us at The Refuge. 



Recovery Coaching for individuals and families.

Every member of the family needs hope, healing, recovery, and restoration. Relationships, trust, and the emotional, spiritual, and physical well- being of everyone in the family needs to be rebuilt following the trauma of addiction.  Personalized coaching is one of the best tools that the family can use to recover, rebuild, and restore. Coaching provides clients with long term or short term personal one on one care during any stage of the recovery process. 



Restoration Workshops –  Our workshops are created and designed to educate, empower, and encourage.  We do this through teaching the facts about the disease of alcoholism and addiction, by teaching the skills necessary for setting and enforcing boundaries, by exploring various techniques that promote honest and authentic communication, and by coaching family members on how to apply personal disciplines that allow them to get a life and have a life whether their addict/alcoholic family member is still drugging/drinking or not.  The Refuge workshops expose families and individuals to hope and healing through various methods.


BLOG - Becoming Jamie: life of the mother of a heroin addict

I am the mother of a heroin addict…BUT I am also a wife, sister, friend, dog owner, a die-hard “Who Dat” New Orleans Saints fan, a lover of all things chocolate, a blogger, a speaker and an educator/advocate for family members dealing with a loved one’s addiction/alcoholism. 

In this blog I examine numerous topics on recovery, such as codependency, enabling, and detachment.  I hope you join me.  

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